Saturday, 11 February 2017

CNY My Ass

I believe I talked about this once for the past few years. However it is still very relevant for me every year at this time.


The only reasons I look forward to it are the holiday (escape from work!) and the occasional ang pows. But even then, the ang pows really don't mean much except for extra pocket money to be used.

I don't like Chinese New Year because I am consistently let down by it. I'm not really close with my relatives, so there isn't much to be excited about a reunion. Nowadays my balik kampung means travelling to Singapore, which, let's face it, not my favourite country in the world. And I hate how everyone acts like they are so excited to see each other but complains about everything else behind each other's back (I'm looking at you, mother).

Chinese New Year should be a happy celebration, not picking fights for the sake of "maintaining traditions". It should be a time to spend enjoyable time with family, not to insist on yee sang that nobody in your family likes. Stop making a big deal out of a celebration. It should be voluntary, not coerced.

So yes, please do not lump me together with every Chinese Malaysians that you know, because I don't fancy Chinese New Year celebration after all.

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